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Do you need to increase efficiency to improve turnaround times?

Are you finding it difficult to manage service teams who are working off-site?

Are your service teams struggling to access the support they need while on the road?

Is poor cashflow leading to difficulties in paying suppliers?

Are you missing out on sales opportunities because you don’t have up to date customer information?

Is your growth held back by systems and communications which aren’t fit for purpose?

Cellular Solutions can help

Our specialist business communications and systems teams have a long track record in embedding solutions into engineering businesses.

Want to manage your business more efficiently, streamline your processes, gain greater visibility over your organisation, plan ahead and get paid faster? Cellular Solutions can support your business with software including Sage 200cloud, Sage CRM, Act! CRM, Sage Business Intelligence, Panintelligence, Sage HR, Sage Payroll, Credit Hound and Spindle.

We also offer Sicon add-on modules for Sage 200cloud, which include modules specifically designed for engineering companies, including Sicon Job Costing, Sicon WAP Expenses, Sicon WAP timesheets, Sicon Document Manager, Sicon Hire Manager, Sicon Service Manager and Sicon Contract Manager.

Our expert team can provide business software training to ensure that your staff are getting the most out of the systems you have invested in.

We can help your business get better connected with communications solutions such as SIP, PBX, VoIP, business broadband and leased lines.

With our support, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively with engineers who are out ‘on the road’, through improved mobile communications packages and cloud software.

We help engineering businesses across the North East and beyond to become more productive, effective and efficient.

Want to know more? Call our experts on 08700 118 000, or email info@cellular-solutions.co.uk

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