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PBX Systems

Short for Private Branch Exchange, PBX phone systems enables internal telephones within a business to be connected together, as well as to public switched telephone networks, SIP trunks and VoIP providers. As a result, the system is able to share a series of outside lines when it comes to employees making external phone calls.


Cellular Solutions offer the SV and SL ranges from NEC, designed for real people and real businesses – it gets your team working together from day one.

The NEC systems easily integrate with existing IT technology as a fully interoperable digital or IP system, or a combination of the two. The user-friendly management interface streamlines system administration.

It offers easy integration with email apps including Microsoft® Outlook® and CRM systems.

Make rapid decisions, improve your customer service

  • The NEC systems allow you to make quicker, better informed business decisions without waiting for the next weekly office meeting.
  • You can respond more quickly and efficiently to customer requests to drive loyalty and keep ahead of your competitors.
  • It has call recording functionality which helps you to resolve disputes instantly and avoid litigation, as well as offering stop-start recording for credit card orders, and functions as a telesales training tool.
  • There is increased communication ‘visibility’ – call management tools provide a real-time snapshot of caller activity and customer service levels across the company.

Support your workforce, strengthen your business

  • The NEC systems offer future-proof technology that meets the need of the multi-generational workforce.
  • Hot desking – NEC system handsets and desk space to be shared by a number of employees, helping to keep costs down.
  • Mobile Extension – the systems allow a user to be contacted on a single number, regardless of if a call is taken on their desk phone or mobile.

Ready to improve your business communications?

Cellular Solutions is a trusted partner for businesses, providing peace of mind and helping you to save time and money.

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“Cellular Solutions have supplied us with mobile broadband connections so we are able to use our laptops out in the field which is vital to our business.”

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“Cellular Solutions have provided me with excellent account management and have been at my beck and call 24-7 to offer me support. I do not feel that I am just an ‘account number’ with them and have developed a trusted relationship with them over the years. We recently changed our full fleet over to blackberry devices and our account manager co-ordinated this for us – his knowledge and expertise was superb and the rollout was pain free. We would highly recommend Cellular Solutions.”

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