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Do you want to help your staff achieve a better work life balance?

Is your team finding it difficult to collaborate and share information – and is this stifling growth?

Is your business hampered by inflexible software with high operating costs?

As we become better connected – and the importance of a work life balance becomes ever more recognised – increasing numbers of businesses are looking at ways of enabling staff members to work from home.

Flexible working practices can help to motivate staff, decrease absenteeism, reduce stress, increase loyalty and boost productivity.

They can help you get the best out of your team and aid staff retention too.

Many companies are implementing hybrid working models, where staff split their time between the office, home and other locations.

Could you increase productivity by enabling your staff to work from home?

Cellular Solutions can integrate business communications and systems into your organisation to help you enable and manage effective home working and hybrid working models.

Our team can provide business systems and software to support home working such as Sage 200cloud, Sage CRM, MaaS360 and Microsoft 365.

In addition, our ability to provide PBX telephone systems and to find the right mobile packages for your needs, can help you to enable home working too.

We’re helping more and more businesses across the North East and the UK to enable home working and implement hybrid working models. Want to know more about how we can help you implement more flexible working practices?

Call our experts on 08700 118 000, or email info@cellular-solutions.co.uk

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