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Are poor broadband and phone services hampering your growth?

Are you losing customers and sales because of dropped calls and internet failure?

Is your internet connection slowing down at certain periods of the day? Is this making your staff less productive?

Are poor upload speeds hampering your use of cloud software?

Are you losing ground on your competitors because of insufficient broadband speeds or poor phone systems?

How would guaranteed upload and download speeds benefit your business?

Is a reliable, fast internet connection essential to your business? How much money would you lose if speeds dropped to an unacceptable level?

Poor connectivity can have an impact on your business in many ways. Customers may not be able to get in touch with you (or you with them), important opportunities could be lost, deadlines missed, and customer service affected. Your operations could be severely curtailed and staff unable to perform in their roles, if they are unable to make or receive calls, send emails, upload or download files or use cloud services.

This could have an impact on your profits and your business’s reputation.

Poor connectivity – whether that affects phone calls, internet use or both – can be due to your business using systems which may not have been installed and set up properly. Your business may have simply outgrown the systems which you have in place. Alternatively, your communications may not be optimised in line with your location’s broadband coverage and availability.

Cellular Solutions can help.

Our expert team can provide a complete solution to get you better connected. We can provide consultation and will gain an understanding of your business needs and challenges. We’re able to recommend the best broadband and communications packages for your organisation and site locations, and our specialists will ensure seamless installation and integration into your business.

We’re on hand to offer close customer support to ensure your business stays connected and gets the most out of its systems.

We can help you get better connected with solutions including SIP, PBX, VoIP and business broadband.

Want to know more about how can help improve connectivity in your business?

Call our experts on 08700 118 000, or email info@cellular-solutions.co.uk

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