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G.fast broadband is one of the latest of a new generation of ultrafast broadband solutions currently being launched in the UK. Using new technology to boost the speeds at which data can be transferred over the existing broadband network infrastructure, G.fast is capable of download speeds of up to 330Mbps, one of the fastest connections available today.

As the need for increasingly faster internet speeds intensifies with the ever growing demands of online and streaming content, cloud services, VoIP and video conferencing, G.fast will transform the way your business works at a fraction of the cost of some other high speed internet and leased line solutions.

Once available in your area, G.fast can be delivered to your premises using the same copper wires that were originally used for voice calls, thereby removing the need for costly and time consuming installation works.

G.fast is been rolled out on a pilot deployment scheme and is now available in 46 locations throughout the UK – one of which is centred around Gosforth in Newcastle upon Tyne.

As a launch partner for business customers of G.fast provider Fibre 1 in Newcastle upon Tyne, we can deliver the following packages in selected areas of the city where the service is available as part of the scheme.

If you are in a G.fast broadband area, we can provide your business with:
Fibre 1 G.fast Pro Fibre 1 G.fast Office
Up to 300Mbps down Up to 150Mbps down
Up to 50Mbps up Up to 30Mbps up
1, 4 or 8 IPs 1, 4 or 8 IPs
Unlimited usage (subject to AUP) Unlimited usage (subject to AUP)
NetSTATS monitoring and alerting NetSTATS monitoring and alerting

Find out if G.fast broadband is available in your area

If it isn’t, don’t worry – we can provide alternative high-speed broadband solutions to suit the needs of your business.

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Cellular Solutions have supplied us with mobile broadband connections so we are able to use our laptops out in the field which is vital to our business.

Clarity Informatics

Cellular Solutions have provided me with excellent account management and have been at my beck and call 24-7 to offer me support. I do not feel that I am just an ‘account number’ with them and have developed a trusted relationship with them over the years. We recently changed our full fleet over to blackberry devices and our account manager co-ordinated this for us – his knowledge and expertise was superb and the rollout was pain free. We would highly recommend Cellular Solutions.

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