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Do you have the systems in place to maintain operations during an emergency?

How much would it cost your business if your communications went down for a reasonable length of time?

Can you operate remotely in the event of a disaster or adverse weather conditions?

Your business – like any other – can be vulnerable to unexpected events. Fire, natural disasters, power cuts, staff illness, adverse weather and crime can all impact on your ability to run your organisation effectively.

This could mean dissatisfied customers, lost business opportunities and reduced profits.

Could your business recover quickly in the event of a disaster?

Cellular Solutions can help build resilience into your organisation to ensure that if the worst happens, your business will have the systems and software in place to minimise disruption.

We can integrate specialist disaster recovery solutions into your business to make your operations and processes robust and ensure business continuity.

Communications systems such as SIP, SIP Trunk Call Manager and VoIP and software including Microsoft 365, Box Online Storage, Sage 200cloud, Sage CRM and MaaS360 can all be provided by Cellular Solutions to help build resilience into your organisation.

We support business in North East England and across the UK in maintaining business continuity. Want to know more about how we can help you protect your business?

Call our experts on 08700 118 000, or email info@cellular-solutions.co.uk

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