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Software solutions to help you manage GDPR

Posted on 22nd May 2018 at 13:46

The GDPR: software solutions that can help

As you might have heard, from May 25 2018, the laws around personal data are changing. These regulations are now commonly known as GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulations are being introduced to give control of personal data back to individuals.

If you’re new to GDPR, first read our guide on the basics that your business needs to know regarding the new regulations to get up to speed on some of the key points.

Whilst understanding the ins and outs of the new regulations might be challenging, there are many ways in which software can help to make the process simpler and to help you to better manage the personal data you hold on customers and prospects.

How can CRM systems help?

Managing customer databases is still, for many companies, an overflowing filing cabinet which might contain details of customers who haven’t purchased from your business in several years, or no longer require your services.

As we covered in one of our recent Ask the Expert guides, CRM systems such as Sage CRM or ACT! CRM can take your entire customer record database online, enabling a single view of a customer contact with your business. They also make it easier to manage customer records from end to end, in a single, centralised location. Act! have also produced a fantastic resource on how CRM systems can aid GDPR here.

Find out more about CRM systems here.

How can MaaS360 mobile management software help?

MaaS360 is a cloud-based mobile device management solution that provides full control of device security and facilitates management of handsets, tablets and laptops.

A lost or stolen device can be a security concern, but MaaS360 allows remote locating, locking, and remote wiping of devices. The MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite also helps to minimise data leaks and allows separation of corporate and personal data.

Advanced security features such as Authenticate against Active Directory/LDAP, one-time passcodes or Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) mean that you can help to ensure that the data you hold is as secure as possible – particularly when staff are collecting and updating data off-site. If you want to read more about the features of MaaS360, view the datasheet here.

Find out more about MaaS360 here.

How can Spindle software help?

Spindle is an automated document delivery software solution which can help to digitally manage all of your company documents or communications in a central place. Documents can be safely stored and archived, and levels of access can be defined so that documents can be securely accessed only by those who have suitable level of permission. Spindle can also save you money on postage costs, which you can easily calculate using the handy calculator here.

Find out more about Spindle here.

GDPR has increased the level of responsibility of companies to protect, and better administer and store personal data of individuals they deal with. Whilst these new regulations can be initially challenging, software solutions such as those above can help you cope by making the process of managing customer and prospect data end-to-end more manageable.

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