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Remote working: Top tips to ensure efficient working, wherever you are

Posted on 24th March 2020 at 10:26

By now, many of the UK’s working offices have been transitioned into our living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens, as remote working has enveloped the business world. While many people are used to working remotely, many others are experiencing this extended period away from their offices for the first time.

With working from home very much the reality for a lot of companies, employees are coming to terms with bringing their working mindset home despite not being in a professional setting. With many facing a long stint in self-isolation, working from home needs to be as easy as possible.

In this blog, we aim to provide some helpful tips on working from home successfully, so that workers can naturally implement these into their working routines. From video meetings to up-to-date software, we share some helpful tips on productive working within the four walls of your home.

Video meetings

Need to have a meeting with both employees and clients? Not a problem. With video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams (part of the Microsoft 365 package), O2 Just Call Me, Gamma Horizon Collaborate, Facetime for iOS and Google Hangout, you can maintain a strong relationship with colleagues and customers from the comfort of your own home.

Stay connected

The best part of collaboration is constant communication. If you would normally have a team huddle or a quick meeting to discuss any new ideas or updates, grab your mobile and do a quick catch up. Self-isolation doesn’t mean anti-communication!

Stay social

A bit of banter is always good! Just because you are working apart doesn’t mean that you can’t keep in touch with your work buddies – if you’re working from home, it’s all the more important to maintain those relationships and keep your morale up. Think about a virtual lunch over Microsoft Teams, where you can catch up with each other socially and compare lunchtime snacks!

Keep current

Instant messaging through platforms such as Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp can help you keep you in touch with your colleagues quickly and easily.

Stay secure

Ensuring your staff and customers are vigilant regarding cyber threats is still paramount to a safe and efficient working environment. Protect your people’s devices with network monitoring to block any malicious behaviours and keep devices secure with intelligent threat detection technology. Solutions such as MaaS360 give you full control of device security and facilitate the management of handsets, tablets, and laptops connected to one network.

Access files from anywhere

Keeping everything on the cloud rather than your personal device gives you top flexibility when it comes to accessing the files you need. Online shared drives such as Microsoft Teams Box or Microsoft OneDrive for business through Microsoft 365 allow for multiple user access and tackle version control. Having all your important documents saved centrally means projects can keep going if people need to be off work or away from their desks.

Use management platforms

Setting targets and goals for your employees, or managing workflow, doesn’t need to be hampered if you can’t meet face to face. Project and activity management platforms such as Basecamp and Trello will keep everyone aware of their individual workloads and deadlines.

Be up to date

The last thing you want to do is hold up your weekly conference video meeting by not having the software updates required to take part. Make sure to keep on top of any software updates that spring up to avoid any problems further down the line, ensuring efficient working at all times.

Consider individual needs

Some businesses have many different teams, whether it’s finance, admin, design or development. Ask your staff what tools they will need in place to perform effectively and efficiently. Like working in an office, consider what flexibility they’ll need whether it’s starting earlier or later, when to take breaks and children duties.

Consider the whole team

Lastly, as mentioned, some people may not be used to working from home and could be dealing with personal issues as a result of all these lifestyle changes developing around them. Continually support the team and take all factors into account. Businesses thrive when the whole team is linking up and working productively.

Our specialists can help you and your teamwork from home efficiently and productively, and we offer guidance, training and a range of solutions that can support you. Contact us for more information here

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