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New Spooler Functionality in Sage 200cloud Summer 2018 Release

Posted on 28th November 2018 at 10:25

Gary Butler, Software Support Engineer at Cellular Solutions explains the improvements and functionality of the spooler.

With the release of the Summer 2018 version of Sage 200cloud, Sage has improved the functionality of the spooler. The spooler is a tool that can be used to store copies of reports or printed layouts for a time (the spooler isn’t a long-term storage option), and you can go in and print/reprint anything there as much as you like.

The spooler has been totally rebuilt, this provides benefits in terms of a significant improvement in speed performance when opening the spooler and viewing reports and layouts.

You can now also filter the contents displayed within the spooler. You can filter by report name, date and print status. The User selection and Company options are determined by the access you have as a user.

Use the Display and Reset buttons to apply and clear any filters as and when necessary. You can also sort the results in the spooler list by any of the column headings, by selecting the relevant heading once for ascending order and twice for descending order.

Any sorts you apply in terms of column headings will be retained for when the user next accesses the spooler or logs back in to Sage 200cloud.

If you are using Sage 200cloud and are interested in receiving these new features, or are using an older version, please contact Cellular Solutions to see how we could help.

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