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Marking MailChimp campaigns as ‘Closed’

Posted on 01st October 2018 at 10:46

Do you use MailChimp to reach out to customers and prospects? Chis Bunyan, software specialist at Cellular Solutions, explores a useful new feature…

A new feature has been added to Sage CRM, as part of R3 2018, which is designed to make life a little easier when looking at the MailChimp Campaigns list.

A user can now set the status of a MailChimp Campaign to ‘Closed’. There is a new button which is available when reviewing a MailChimp Campaign.

Clicking on the “Close Campaign” button will give the user a warning prompt.

The campaign is only closed in CRM and doesn’t have any affect to MailChimp Campaign status.

This makes the list for the MailChimp Campaigns in My CRM more user friendly, especially if you have a lot of old campaigns in the list as you can now filter the list by All, Closed, Saved and Sent.

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