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How do I scale up my business?

Posted on 10th May 2019 at 12:09

So, you’re looking to scale up your current business operations – that’s great news, you’re a growing business. But, this next part of your business journey could present some challenges.  

For example, have you considered if your current business communications systems will support your growth?  

What about managing more customer and employee data – do you have the right processes in place to ensure that data processing doesn’t become a tedious burden for your team 

Also, can you store the data effectively, so that you’re not at risk of data breach, which could lead to a costly fine and a negative impact on your business’s hard-earned reputation?  

It is much better to consider these factors now and shape your business systems and communications so that they are geared up to support and maintain your growth.  

Automate your processes 

Onerous admin tasks could be draining cash away from your company and soaking up resources which could be better spent elsewhere.  

Automating administration processes can enable you to perform the same tasks in a shorter amount of time, without having to invest in more staff. This can free up your team to concentrate on more important tasks and make a real difference to your bottom line during a period of growth.  

A few solutions you may want to look at adopting include:  

Sage 200cloud is a business management solution which gives visibility over your business operations as you grow.  

Spindle Document Distribution – whether you need to send documentation to one customer or to one thousand, Spindle allows you to batch deliver or individually send any document type via email, to print or archive. This automated document delivery software works with your accounting or ERP system.  

Credit Hound – is a powerful credit control software that can help you chase payments more effectively. And, if you’re already thinking of the time that could be saved there is a helpful calculator that can show you the cost savings. It can be integrated seamlessly with Sage 200cloud, giving you a tool to streamline your cashflow and get paid faster…. 

Managing more staff, customers, everything…! 

Starting with your people, investing in a HR software such as Sage HR can help your business save time and resources whilst managing the potential of more staff, as it integrates your HR processes. Enabling a more robust and manageable approach to admin tasks and keeping data secure.  

When it comes to managing customer relationship data having multiple Excel spreadsheets and documents is neither complaint, effective nor manageable. As your business grows you need a solution that will support your growing customer base and enable your sales team to work more effectively. Sage CRM and ACT! CRM can help you to manage your entire contact base in one single place and track your leads to point of sale, which makes it particularly suitable for growing businesses.  

It’s also important to consider the increased demand more staff could have on your existing broadband infrastructure which we can help with by tailoring a solution that fits your speed, call capacity and call quality needs. You may also want to consider a flexible and easily scaled-up internet telephony for voice and video calls and instant messaging, which can be delivered through SIP 

PBX phone systems are also easily scaled-up as your business grows and keeps your workforce better connected. It can also enable hot desking which is beneficial if you are growing but aren’t yet in a position to increase office space.  

Benefit from increased business visibility 

With scale it can be all to easy to lose the close contact and visibility of your business that you’re used to. With intelligence software such as Sage Intelligence and Panintelligence you can better forecast and identify long-term trends in your business, essentially helping you to better navigate a period of growth. 

If you’re looking to scale your business and want to know more about any of the solutions we can offer to your challenges read more or contact us to discuss how we can support your needs.  


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