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O2 Just Call Me is a simple, easy-to-use conference call service which can be implemented into your service with assistance from Cellular Solutions.

O2 Just Call Me | Cellular Solutions | Business Communications & Systems

Why use O2 Just Call Me?

The hassle of setting up a conference call has gone, as there’s no need for dial-in numbers or pin codes. Just set the conference date and time on the app, invite participants and they just call your mobile number to join the call.

Set the app time and date for a conference to start – you can plan, organise and schedule your calls from within the O2 Just Call Me app and set alerts so you always know what’s coming up.

Invite people to the call through your calendar – the app synchronises with your calendar too. Just select your contacts and calendar@justcallme.o2.co.uk to instantly invite them and set up the call. Plus, you can even control multiple conference calls at the same time.

Dial 321 to start the call – participants just need to dial your mobile number to join. No need for expensive premium rate dial-in numbers or complicated pin codes – it’s as easy as a normal call.

Ready to improve your business communications?

Cellular Solutions is a trusted partner for businesses, providing peace of mind and helping you to save time and money.

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“North Star Housing Group have been customers of Cellular Solutions for nearly two years and their account management and support services are superb. Much of the work undertaken by our Accounts Manager on our behalf saves us a vast amount of time internally every month, particularly in relation to bill management. Nothing appears to be a problem to them (although I am sure I am), and every query is responded to extremely quickly. I’d like to find a fault, but I can’t.”

North Star Housing Group

“Cellular Solutions has provided us with continuity and a personalised service over the years.”

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