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Move data more quickly and effectively with Migrator.

Developed by the Cellular Solutions team, Migrator is a cloud-based software solution which allows data from multiple sources and different file types to be quickly and easily interpreted and uploaded to finance and CRM systems such as Sage CRM, Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud – all through a single portal.

Migrator offers a simple, cost effective method of transferring data to Sage software. It’s ideal for businesses whose operations regularly involve collecting, collating and accessing large amounts of complex data, and where that data is collected from multiple sources. It can interpret data from numerous file types including XML files, CSV files and text documents.

Save time and money – With Migrator, you won’t need to implement add-ons to your software every time you need to upload a set of bespoke data: this allows you to save time and resources when transferring data.

Fantastic flexibility – Migrator can be used on multiple devices and platforms, and data can either be uploaded using automatic scheduling or manually, through a user accessing the system – for instance via a laptop – and uploading data instantly through an online portal.

Greater accuracy – Migrator allows for visible data transfer and quickly identifies errors, enabling you to correct them and ensure that accurate information is uploaded more rapidly.

How does Migrator work?

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Cellular Solutions is a trusted partner for businesses, providing peace of mind and helping you to save time and money.

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