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Managing Favourites in Sage 200cloud

Posted on 29th April 2018 at 09:00

Managing Favourites in Sage 200cloud

Got to grips with removing disconnected logins in Sage 200cloud? Gary Butler, our software specialist at Cellular Solutions shares his expertise in our latest in the Ask the Expert series. In this guide, we’re looking at how to add and manage favourites in Sage 200cloud.

Sometimes you might feel there is too much on display on the Sage200 stacked toolbar.  An easy way to get around this is to use Favourites.

There are two ways to add to Favourites:

1: Firstly find the form you want to use, in this case, Amend Supplier Details and open the form.

Then on the top right of the box, there is a star symbol (circled below), click this so it turns yellow:

Tech Tip – the smiley icon to the left is a feedback form to Sage directly so you can feedback about things you like or don’t like about the form you are in.  The question mark icon takes you into the Sage help files.

2: Right click on the form you want to add to Favourites:


Left click on Add to Favourites.

Then to check or configure your favourites, click on the Star icon at the top of the stacked toolbar



You may or may not have a little pencil icon to the right of the star, if not, please contact your friendly support technician to help.

If you do have the icon, you can then customise your favourites list.

1 – creates a folder so you can group favourites together

2 – deletes a created folder or favourite

3 – rename a favourite or folder

4 – Move a favourite or folder up or down, you can also drag and drop (eg if you want to move into a folder you have to drag and drop.

Once you are finished click on the X

You can then expand and select a favourite.

More assistance and advice

Now you’re able to add and manage favourites in Sage 200cloud, is there an issue you’d like to see us tackle next? If there’s a Sage 50cloud or 200cloud feature you’d like us to walk through, or have questions on broadband, landlines, or other business software solutions, please get in touch or send us a Tweet and it might just be next in the Ask the Expert series.

In the meantime, browse our pages on Sage 50cloud, and Sage 200cloud to find out more about these products, or leave us a message.

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