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Deferred posting in Sage 200cloud

Posted on 18th January 2018 at 10:26

In this Ask the Expert guide, Gary Butler, software specialist at Cellular Solutions guides us through deferred posting in Sage 200cloud.

Period control is one of the main features of Sage 200cloud. You can open various periods, close others and leave the rest as Future.


Periods that are set as Future can have transaction posted against them (depending on if you haven’t set any Transaction Date Validation settings) from Sales ledger, Purchase ledger, etc, though the Nominal entries will sit in a Deferred area until the Future period they are in is opened.


This way, you can control what is in your Nominal ledger and when.  You also have extra control if you require it – to have a Current waiting postings area.  This will hold all postings to Nominal – even if the period is open, and will only post it to the ledger once you update it.

Further information on Sage 200cloud

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