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Coronavirus statement from Cellular Solutions

Posted on 16th March 2020 at 16:58

With the continued spread of Coronavirus throughout the UK, we just wanted to let you know that we have been busy preparing to ensure it’ll be business as usual if our offices are forced to close.

The Cellular Solutions (NE) BC Plan already contains plans for business and service continuity, for both us and the systems and services supplied to our clients, during any pandemic and epidemic BC event scenario, for example, influenza and Norovirus, etc. Through our BC preparations for such an event, COVID-19 would be included in our categories of preparation.

While there is currently no envisaged impact on the operation of our services, we wanted to reassure our clients by providing some details from our BC Plan and demonstrate our readiness should the UK COVID-19 infection rate increase.  We appreciate that you will also have your own contingency plans in place, and our teams will follow your guidance where they are working with your members of staff.

As a supplier, we acknowledge our responsibility as part of our clients’ business continuity plan, and we want to reassure them about our readiness to respond rapidly to unexpected workplace changes.

As a cloud-adopted organisation, we utilise technology including Microsoft Teams to support our communications, collaboration and video conferencing that connects us, wherever we work. Our digital adoption has enabled us to scale back our business travel, and we are ready to make Microsoft Teams our primary communication channel should it be necessary to respond to a full COVID-19 outbreak.

Specifically, in respect of any Pandemic/Epidemic event (COVID-19) impacting our staff members, our BC Planning ensures:


What should our customers do?

Cellular Solutions (NE) recommend that our customers take similar precautions to those above and seek advice from us about the potential for their staff to work from home and other locations, which we can facilitate.

Post a staff member/engineer visit, should COVID-19 cases emerge, in the customer’s staff members, we would require that we are notified so that we can consider the potential need to request that the staff member, and any they have come into contact with, work from home and seek medical advice.

Useful Links:

NHS COVID-19 Latest Advice

Dept. Health England Gov. Response

World Health Organisation


We hope you all stay safe in these challenging times and we continue to be here to support your needs.

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