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Spam Protection with VMO2 and Hiya

Posted on 13th March 2024 at 15:23

A Fresh Start in Spam Defence

Ever been caught in a flood of unwanted spam calls or messages, longing for a break in unknown callers? Well Virgin Media O2 and Hiya have the answer!

Virgin Media O2, together with its mobile virtual network friends such as giffgaff, Tesco, and Sky, is unveiling Hiya Protect and Hiya Connect. These innovations join forces to combat those annoying calls and enhance your caller ID with branded calling features. It’s a revolutionary shift, believe us!

Addressing This Contemporary Dilemma

Our mobiles are virtually our lifelines, aren’t they? Yet, when they’re incessantly vibrating with spam, it turns into a perpetual puzzle of ‘significant or not?’ and ‘should I answer, or should I not?’.

Virgin Media O2 and Hiya have acknowledged this issue and escalated their efforts to confront it directly. Introducing sophisticated tools and services to maintain both personal and business calls in the UK as sanctuaries from these unwelcome guests.

A Perfect Union in Telecommunications

The alliance between Virgin Media O2 and Hiya ensures these connections are both safer and more meaningful. Assuring that an incoming call merits attention.

This collaboration is primed to significantly decrease spam calls and messages.

With Hiya’s state-of-the-art technology integrated, Virgin Media O2 users can anticipate a substantial decline in spam contacts. This translates to less daily disruption and greater tranquility, knowing your communications are protected.

The Mechanics Behind Virgin Media O2’s Alliance with Hiya: The Operation of Hiya

Envision a day with fewer “Urgh, not this again!” moments and more “Ah, it’s you!”. That’s the future for Virgin Media O2 customers, offering tranquility and streamlining your day.

Hiya’s technology is essentially the superhero outfit your phone has been waiting for. Armed with the capability to screen spam calls and messages before they reach you, this tech gifts you a day free from disturbances.

Thanks to ingenious machine learning and an extensive database of known spam numbers. And the best bit? It’s continuously evolving, always staying one step ahead.

What Does This Mean for You?

For consumers, this partnership offers a much-needed respite. A true sigh of relief. No longer will you second-guess every call or notification. Your attention and time can revert to what genuinely matters, sans the incessant spam interruptions.

For businesses, this represents a golden victory. Each call and message you dispatch is dependable and hits its target. Thus, elevating the reliability of your communications to new heights!

For business clients, this signifies enhanced trust and dependability in your communications. Guaranteeing that your crucial calls and messages reach their intended recipients, unmissed and undrowned in spam.

Looking Forward: New Horizons

This partnership heralds the commencement of a journey towards innovation, with plans to unveil further tools. Tailoring their offerings to meet your evolving needs.

This collaboration stands as a pledge to their commitment to ensuring a safer, more pleasant communication experience for all.

Virgin Media O2’s partnership with Hiya marks a crucial turning point in the battle against spam.

At Cellular Solutions NE, we pride ourselves on providing premium business mobiles, VoIP, and Ultrafast Fibre broadband services. As an O2 Engage Business Partner, our clients will benefit from Hiya’s spam protection as part of their package, maintaining your communications clear, spam-free, and secure.

Discover more about our latest business mobile offerings and how Cellular Solutions can elevate your business.

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