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Posted on 06th March 2020 at 13:15

With cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) increasing daily, Cellular Solutions is actively reviewing its business continuity plan to ensure that we can continue to protect our staff and support our customers.

Remote working is ingrained in our business culture, and our staff have the flexibility to work from home if needed. We have a well-tested plan to ensure all of our team can effectively work remotely should it be necessary to temporarily close our office.

Although we are not actively planning any changes to our on-site customer services at this moment, we will continue to monitor advice from both the NHS and World Health Organisation, and we will act in accordance with their guidance and recommendations

If your own offices or facilities are subject to any public health or DHSC recommendations in relation to Coronavirus, please keep us informed prior to any scheduled visits by our team so that we may keep our staff members protected.

Whilst Coronavirus is not currently recognised as a pandemic, it is reasonable to predict that with more cases being reported both in this country and overseas, more remote working will be put in place by businesses in the weeks ahead. Some workplaces and schools are being closed to halt the spread of the Coronavirus, with recently the whole of Italy declaring national closures for colleges and schools for two weeks. More people are likely to be asked to self-isolate.

As a supplier, we acknowledge Cellular Solutions’ responsibility as part of our clients’ business continuity plan, and we would like to reassure our valued customers about our readiness to respond rapidly to any unexpected workplace changes.

As an organisation that has fully embraced cloud technology, we utilise solutions including Microsoft Teams to support our communications, collaboration and video conferencing: this connects our staff together, wherever we work. The adoption and integration of digital technology has enabled us to reduce our business travel, and we are well prepared to make Microsoft Teams our primary communication channel should it be necessary to respond to a full COVID-19 outbreak.

Additional technology solutions we actively use that will enable our team to remain agile, should it be necessary to close our office, includes Sage CRM (VM), OneDrive and other Microsoft 365 applications.

If you have any queries or want advice in preparing your systems for remote working – or on readiness planning – please get in touch with our team here.

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