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O2’s 4G coverage reaches 98 per cent of the UK population

Posted on 16th May 2018 at 15:26

As part of the O2 Direct Partner Network, we’re delighted to see that O2 has succeeded in delivering against its commitment to providing 98% indoor 4G coverage and 90% landmass mass coverage across the UK.

This is part of an agreement between the UK’s four Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and the Government, the terms of which require the MNOs to self-certify that they have reached a 90 per cent coverage requirement in the provision of voice service to the UK landmass by December, 31, 2017.

In addition, O2 specifically committed to provide a minimum level of data coverage to 98 per cent of all premises in the UK.

Following the completion of its assessment of O2’s compliance with both – the operator’s voice service and indoor data coverage obligations, Ofcom has confirmed that O2 has successfully met the set requirements.

The announcement was welcomed by Brendan O’Reilly, Chief Network Officer at O2. He said: “In 2013 we secured the highly sought-after low band spectrum in the 4G licence auction. This 800Mhz frequency meant our signal would go further, helping customers in both rural areas and with indoor coverage.

“As part of that agreement we committed to providing 4G coverage to 98 per cent of the UK population (indoors), and also committed (along with the other operators) to providing 90 per cent geographical landmass coverage across the UK.

“The great news is the team have reached and exceeded all of these commitments and this has now been confirmed by Ofcom. We’re delighted but will continue with our commitment to invest significantly in our network to help us further strengthen the experience for our customers through improved coverage, more reliability and increased capacity.”

O2 was recently named the Best Network Coverage provider at the uSwitch Mobile Awards, this combined with its latest 98% coverage achievement and recent investment in the largest share of a next generation 5G network, promises significant benefit to its customers.

Mike Bowers, managing director of Cellular Solutions, said: “We partner with O2 as we know they offer a leading service to all of our customers. This news enables us to offer our customers an even better service, and will help them to work more effectively and efficiently. Combined with O2’s recent announcement that they’ll be rolling out the 5G network soon, we’re excited to see how the offering we can provide to our clients continues to evolve and improve as O2 continue to innovate.”

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