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EE Corporate Landline is closing – what to do next?

Posted on 25th January 2018 at 12:07

Telecoms giant EE is in the process of announcing to customers that its EE Corporate Landline service is permanently closing as of 31st March 2018*.

This news could cause headaches for any EE Corporate Landline customers using the service, so we’ve put together some steps on how to minimise disruption if you’re an EE Corporate Landline customer. We asked Rob Webster, our PBX & Fixed Line Specialist to offer some insight on what customers can do, and how Cellular Solutions can help make the process of moving providers as simple as possible, as well as plan for the future and upgrade their technology.

I’ve received a letter from EE telling me that their EE Corporate Landline service is closing – what do I need to do now?

It’s important to act quickly but don’t panic, we can help.

Firstly, contact us and get your EE Corporate Landline bills to us so we can interrogate their systems to find out which lines and services you have in place. We can also analyse your calls to ensure we offer you the correct tariff.

We have around 9 weeks to move you to another provider which gives us enough time to make sure your service is migrated without any interruption.

All service level agreements for EE Corporate Landline contracts supplied by EE are delivered by BT Openreach, so regardless of whether your contract is with BT, EE or Cellular Solutions, so you can rest assured that your SLA will remain unchanged.

What if I don’t do anything?

Your phone lines will stop working on 31st March 2018 and you will lose your phone numbers.

Can I keep my phone numbers?

Yes you can but it’s important that we know what all of your numbers are, so double check your bills to make sure all of your phone numbers are listed correctly. If any numbers are missed they may be lost.

What can Cellular Solutions offer that EE didn’t?

We offer a fully managed service migration process so all you need to do is agree the contract terms and sign the paperwork. We take care of everything else.

As well as being able to take over your existing lines ‘like for like’, we offer SIP lines, Cloud telephony and telephone systems so we can help you plan for the future and keep you up to date with technology.

Our tariffs offer an amount of flexibility to help your business as it evolves and all our customers have a named account manager, acting on your behalf with the service providers, to make sure you are receiving the best advice during your contract.

How long will it take to switch over?

Typically, a migration to another supplier will take around two weeks, however, we expect that this may take a little longer due to the volume of lines that will be moving away from EE Corporate Landlines, we would recommend that the paperwork is in place with the new provider by the end of February to ensure the migration is complete before the March 31st deadline.

If you’re an EE Corporate Landline customer, there’s no need to panic – just give our experts a call on 08700 118 000 or click here to send us a message to see how we can assist you.

*This will not affect EE Home Customers, who may have home broadband with an EE landline.

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