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Credit Hound Reviews

Posted on 24th November 2016 at 16:08

We wanted to share some Credit Hound reviews to allow businesses to understand the numerous benefits that this software can provide.

Credit Hound is an award-winning system that can help businesses streamline their credit controls to ensure better cash flow, reduced costs and maximum efficiencies when invoicing and chasing payments.

Speaking of the software, John Stride, managing director of Orion Cleaning systems left this Credit Hound review:

“Within weeks of starting to use Credit Hound our overdue balances had reduced by over £100,000. Interest earned on this sum will rapidly pay back our investment in Credit Hound and less overdue balances means our exposure to bad debt has been lowered too.”

Rachel Bossingham from Redtooth also said: “It was essential for us to invest in sophisticated software that would help us to manage the credit control process more effectively, enabling us to trace and track our overdue accounts. We were amazed with Credit Hound when we first saw the demo, and decided to install it immediately. Its positive impact on the efficiency of our business has been invaluable. We would happily recommend it to others”

Finance director of Target 250, Mike Roberts, also said: “Deploying Credit Hound has allowed us to reduce our debtor days by a third from 60 to 39 days, and all in the course of three months. This has delivered a major boost to our cash flow and has contributed to significant cost savings across the business. Now, with a smaller and younger debtors’ ledger, we are at less risk of bad debt and have also been able to reduce our interest costs.”

Credit Hound software is available for use with several Sage and Microsoft packages and is priced very competitively meaning most companies see a return on investment in just a few weeks.

The programme is easy to use and set up, allowing many tasks to be automated, offering a huge reduction in time spent chasing invoices.

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