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WAP Holidays makes managing holidays much easier! It allows you to raise holiday requests based on annual entitlements, with conflicting user checks, mandatory holidays/shutdowns and departmental rules. Calendar views allow approvers to see other bookings in their business units too.

Key Features

  • Users can raise holiday requests in the WAP application and submit them for approval.
  • Users are linked to holiday work patterns to determine how many hours per day they would have worked in any specific day of the week.
  • Configurable approval routes per person – each person can have a specific approval route that may require one or more people to approve a new holiday request.
  • Stop holiday clashes by configuring people that cannot be on holiday at the same time.
  • Users are informed of clashes with other members of staff.
  • View conflicting users and business unit users’ diaries when booking holidays.
  • Automatically updates bank holidays for each new year created.
  • Special holidays can be manually added to the holiday register
  • Each special holiday can either reduce the holiday entitlement e.g. Christmas Shutdown or give an additional day off e.g. for a special national occasion.
  • Holidays can update users’ timesheets if both modules Holiday Entitlement and Holidays Diary) are being used together. This ensures a complete timesheet is created for each week.
  • Approved holidays can create a diary appointment for the originator.

Want to find out more about how Sicon WAP Holidays can support your business? Contact our team today – call us on 08700 118 000, email info@cellular-solutions.co.uk or click here.

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