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Enhance customer relationships and improve communications by using Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office 365 together.

Need to increase efficiency and improve customer service?

When connected with Dynamics 365, Office 365 becomes an even more powerful tool which enables you to unify relationships, processes and data through applications your employees use every day to drive efficiency and better serve customers.

Share point

Further improve user collaboration and share documents externally.

  • Save important files including quotes, proposals, project plans and spreadsheets and store them in one place, easy to share with other users internally and even externally.
  • Create and share document libraries
  • Track changes and retain vision control


Linking Outlook to Dynamics 365 enables functionalities such as:

  • Track emails on marching Dynamics records
  • Link meetings, email messages, meetings and appointments to any record in Dynamics
  • Import Outlook contacts into Dynamics in one go
  • Overview customer relationships with a customer engagement pane next to a selected contact message – this includes recent cases, upcoming activities and active opportunities


Through Word you can merge Dynamics 365 field data into Word templates and populate sales quotes and any other documentation in a click.

Excel Online

If you need to update multiple files, through Dynamics 365 edits can be quickly applied and viewed as an Excel Online work sheet. If you prefer to keep your data reports within Excel, Dynamics 365 links to your unique reports templates with dynamics changes occurring automatically when Excel changes are made.

Power BI

Use Power BI within Dynamics 365 to:

  • Transform CRM into visual graphics
  • Share data graphics with colleagues on any device
  • Create custom dashboards and data charts which display your key metrics in one window

Customer Insights

This will give an insight into transactional, observational and behaviour data from multiple sources. This allows you to unify data into customer profiles by mapping records into the Common Data Service with Al applied to match and merge data. Additionally, you can create customer segments based on a combination of common attributes and interactions associated with unified profiles.

Want to get more from your business software and empower your staff?

Combining Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Office 365 can pay real dividends for your organisation.

Contact one of our specialists today by calling 08700 118 000 or via email.

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