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Take your marketing automation to the next level! Help your business to maximise budgets with better connected tools that segment contacts, improve collaboration, reduce your marketing admin, increase lead quality and measure campaigns.

Microsoft Dynamics is suitable for businesses which need more than basic email marketing at the end of their sales cycle.

Need more ROI from your marketing?

Dynamics 365 for Marketing can help you to further enhance your customer engagement levels by transforming every touch point into a marketing opportunity, using data to gain insights into your marketing activity, personalise messages and more..

So, what are the benefits of using this app?

  • Create personalised communications – engage with your customers and prospects by creating one-to-one personalised communications, rich in content to further enhance your relationship with them.
  • Enhance campaign efficiency – your business can build and nurture campaigns with actions which get triggered as recipients interact with your email communications. Make the experience a ‘journey’ by dragging in a segment of contacts which have all taken the same action, such as looking at a particular product on your website or downloading a file on the same topic. Target this group with a communication suggesting a resource or an offer which may be of interest and set up a trigger to check whether they have taken the desired action and if so, whether it was done within the desired timeframe.
  • Manage multi-channel campaigns – the app enables automated workflows with re-targeting across channels.
  • Simplified email design – a drag and drop editor and various e-mail templates which can be personalised. This includes dynamically personalising messages by using the field look-up function within the text editor.
  • Create forms and build landing pages – the app gives users the functionality to build landing pages and web forms which will enhance your campaign and capture customer data. Additionally, you can create gated landing pages – by adding a form to a landing page.
  • Boost lead scoring – you can apply multiple lead scoring models to identify ‘sales ready’ prospects. This functionality allows lead scoring models to be configured quickly and deployed to increase focus on the best prospects at the right time.

Ready to supercharge your marketing? Ready to increase sales and generate deeper customer engagement?

Microsoft Dynamics for Marketing – integrated into your business with our expertise – can help.

Contact one of our specialists today by calling 03701 020 205 or via email at info@cellular-solutions.co.uk.

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