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What are the benefits of VoIP telephony for business?

Posted on 27th January 2023 at 13:58


Traditional phone lines have become an anchor to businesses today. 

Thousands of miles of copper wires and phone lines all ending in a single location hooked up to a phone on a desk doesn’t really cut it in a world where business can be done from anywhere, at any time. 

VoIP telephony for business is a great alternative to old fashioned fixed landlines and can help modern businesses become more flexible and adaptable, without losing any connectivity to internal teams, or customers. 

But VoIP telephony has a number of other benefits too that can greatly improve your business. 

Here’s just a few of the benefits you can get from VoIP telephony for business. 

1 – It’s cheaper than old fashioned phone lines 

Any investment in business needs to provide returns, and VoIP telephony does that not only in efficiency benefits, but financial. 

Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP telephony runs over your existing broadband connection, so you don’t need the expense of phone lines running into an office. 

As well as removing the need for additional phone lines and wiring, you also don’t need to worry about the additional costs for hardware, as your VoIP telephony system can be downloaded onto any smart device or business mobile phone. 

2 – You can make calls from your business number from anywhere 

Another problem with traditional phone lines is that because they run on fixed cables into a single location, you can only make calls from them via the phone that’s plugged into the line. 

That’s never been ideal, but even less so today with more teams working remotely. 

With VoIP telephony, you and your teams can make calls from your business number on any smart device with an internet connection, and you can make those calls from anywhere. 

It means you’re still contactable through your business main number, but you’re not restricted to just answering those calls from a single location. 

3 – VoIP telephone is easier to scale 

For fast growth businesses, the ability to add resource quickly can be the difference between success and failure. If you’re trying to grow quickly, any delays can be fatal. 

And traditional phone lines are rife with delays when it comes to installing more lines into your office. 

You need to arrange an engineer to come out to install the lines, order the hardware, get everything hooked up and tested, and even that can take weeks (or months) without any delays. 

That’s a long time to wait when you’re hoping to add resources fast. 

With VoIP telephony it’s much quicker. 

Because your new “phone lines” already exist over your broadband connection you simply need to add new users to your VoIP system – and that’s it. 

4 – Add all your communication into one system 

To say that VoIP is ‘Voice’ over IP can actually downplay how effective it is as a system because VoIP actually puts all your communication channels (voice, text, video etc) into one place. 

This makes it a much more effective comms tools for your business because it means you don’t need separate systems for each channel. 

You can run video conferences over your VoIP with ease and simply add new users to the call, even if they originally just called on the phone. 

This has a number of advantages for customer service too because it means you can more easily help customers via whatever comms channel is best for them and get issues resolved much quicker. 

5 – Better quality 

We’ve all experienced the problems with bad phone connections. 

Being distracted by static and not being able to understand what the other person is saying.  

And when the other person is a client or a potential new customer, you need those connections to be crystal clear. 

Because VoIP is deployed over a broadband connection, it’s much better quality and as the roll-out of fast fibre connections continues in the UK, these connections are only going to get better. 

6 – You can multitask much easier 

Traditional phone lines aren’t great for collaboration, and even worse when you’re trying to collaborate with multiple team members at once. 

You can only do voice calls, and you can’t see what edits are being made to projects or documents as you’re talking. 

With VoIP you can do everything. 

Hold a simple phone call when needed, but you can also run simultaneous video calls with screen sharing so everyone in the team can see what’s being done. 

You can also easily share images and documents directly over the VoIP connection, so you don’t have to waste time jumping from one platform to another to get your work done. 

Improve your business with VoIP telephony from Cellular Solutions 

VoIP is a highly flexible and scalable communication system that allows you to bring all your voice, video and messaging into one platform. 

At Cellular Solutions, we’ve helped thousands of businesses free themselves from the restrictions and shackles of outdated phone systems and become more effective and efficient with VoIP. 

If you want to know more about how VoIP can make your business run better and increase your profits, get in touch. 

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