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Uploading Data to Sage CRM

Posted on 24th November 2016 at 11:16

Uploading data to Sage CRM can be highly beneficial and save endless amounts of time entering individual data into the system.

Uploading data to Sage CRM takes a matter of minutes and can be done via a few simple steps.

To ensure a successful upload it is vital that the file that is being uploaded is prepared correctly and all information is formatted in line with Sage CRM’s recommendations.

Once the file have been prepared, users will need to go to the Administration section, and then Data Management > Data Upload. The following steps will detail how to upload company data to CRM, however the steps are almost identical when performing any type of upload.

When in the Data Upload screen, users need to click on Company and press Continue. Clicking New in the next screen will take users to step one of a three-step process.

Step One

Once in this screen, users need to click on the Browse button and navigate to their selected file. The file will then need to be named in the Description field.

There are a few fields on this screen that may need to be completed by users. Their key functionality is detailed below:

Merge Rules – This allows users to determine whether the data needs to be merged, or whether this will overwrite data already contained in Sage CRM. Setting this rule will allow the system to follow the de-duplication rules that are already in place. If any fields are left blank they will not be overwritten, but it is important that users ensure that all relevant fields have information in to ensure the upload works as expected.

Map Selection Fields To Codes – Ticking this box will allow the system to map selection fields from the upload file to caption codes in Sage CRM. If a code does not yet exist, this will be added as part of the uploading data to Sage CRM process.

Once the required fields have been completed, the user can progress to the next step by clicking Save.

Step Two

This step allows the user to examine and check the data upload information to check all fields and mapping is correct. A de-duplication rule must be set for each user and company that is being added as part of the uploading data to Sage CRM process. This can be added by clicking on the relevant hyperlink in this screen.

Once happy, the user can press Preview Data Upload to proceed to the final step of the process.

Step Three

Check all of the data again and click Do Upload.

The data is now complete and users can begin using this.

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