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Ten reasons to use Office 365

Posted on 11th January 2019 at 14:44

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based solution that can make a big difference to your business. Rob Reid, business manager and digital products specialist at Cellular Solutions explains why…

1. Use the tools you already know and use.

Microsoft 365 works seamlessly with the programs you already know and use – including Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, Publisher and PowerPoint. These tools provide the same great features you rely on as well as powerful capabilities in Microsoft 365.
With a number of subscription levels, you can see if others are editing documents you are using, synchronise documents with your desktop, broadcast PowerPoint presentations, and check documents in and out of your online document library.

2. Simple to learn and easy to use

Microsoft 365 is simple to learn and straightforward to use. There’s no need to learn new software or jargon; in just a few minutes you can create a trial account and see how easily your business can be ‘in the cloud’ with benefits usually found only in bigger companies.

3. Communicate and collaborate with ease

Create a password-protected portal to share large files both inside and outside of your company, giving you a single location to find the latest versions of files or documents, no matter how many people are working on them. You can also send instant messages to co-workers and customers and invite them to participate in online meetings where you can review documents or take control of a desktop.

4. No need to be an IT expert…

Designed for businesses with no in-house IT team, Microsoft 365 allows you to easily set up and use the features of the software, helping you to focus on your business rather than the technical lingo. You can perform administrative tasks using an intuitive portal that is accessible to only those who you designate. The online portal provides step-by-step instructions on how to add users and set up your account so your employees can quickly start using Microsoft 365.

5. Collaborate online

With years of experience in delivering scalable, secure online solutions, Microsoft 365 enhances your experience with features such as a 50 GB mailbox that accommodates attachments up to 25 MB, calendaring, contacts, online meetings, instant messaging, document collaboration and more. You can take advantage of these advanced features at a small-business price.

6. Get that professional look

With state-of-the-art but easy-to-use collaboration, mail, and messaging services, you can set yourself apart from organisations. Microsoft 365 includes design tools to easily create a professional, public-facing website in minutes.

7. Anywhere, anytime access

With web-enabled access to email, important documents, contacts, and calendar on almost any device, Microsoft 365 frees you to work where and when you choose. You can respond to important requests right away – from just about anywhere!

The ability to access email and documents from your mobile device means you don’t need to hurry to the office, and if you’re travelling without access to Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365 helps you view and edit documents.

You can take control of when and where you work with Microsoft 365.

8. Flexibility for your business

Get the flexibility and predictability your business needs with pay-as-you-go pricing options. Microsoft 365 also offers great flexibility by allowing you to easily provide users with only the services they need, cost-effectively adding value to your business.

9. Safe and secure

With Microsoft 365, you can use the same systems used by Microsoft and other worldwide enterprises to help protect email, documents and networks. These systems scan your messages and documents for spam and malicious software (malware) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

10. New features and bug updates

Once you’ve moved to Microsoft 365 you’ll have escaped the endless cycle of waiting a couple of years for Microsoft’s next product release. Instead, you’ll have instant access to updates and bug fixes as soon as they’re ready!

Cellular Solutions can integrate Microsoft Office 365 into your business. Check out more information on the system here and contact us to find out how we can support you in making your business more efficient and productive through Office 365.

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