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Saving a layout copy in Sage 200cloud

Posted on 25th April 2018 at 09:03

In this Ask the Expert guide, our software specialist Gary Butler is helping you design and save reports in Sage 200cloud.

Report Designer tips – Saving a copy of a layout to customise it

Within Sage200, you have a powerful report designer tool that can add extra information onto existing reports or create new reports from scratch.  It may seem daunting but once you get started it will make sense.

First up, click the Cog in the top right, then Run Sage Report Designer, if you don’t have this option, please have a chat with your friendly support staff.

Within Report Designer, you have Default, Company and Custom layouts.  What you cannot do is overwrite a Default layout, so you are totally safe in amending a layout without stopping anything from working.

Company or Custom?

A custom layout is something different from standard …. So whats a company layout?

You may have 2 sets of data on Sage, lets say one is an American based company and one is a UK based company.  What if you had different bank details requirements for your American invoice to your UK invoice?  This is where company specific layouts come in.

You can have an invoice layout for US and one for UK, we will go into the finer details on this in a later tech tip.  For now we will keep in simple and work on a Custom layout.

If you go to Default then Layouts, within here find a Sales Order Processing (SOP) Invoice (single) layout, and open it

Before changing anything, its recommended that you save a copy, therefore if you go into File, Save As, it will automatically set the path to be the custom layout path and it will give it a name of “Copy Of (layout name)”  – its important you remove the “Copy Of” part.

If you want make this layout the default, if it is the same file name as one you already use, it will be used automatically.  To check or update, you can set this within Cog and Choose Layouts, then find Sales Order Processing (SOP) Invoice

You may have more than one of these… if so, have a chat with your friendly support technician!

More assistance and advice

We’ve got plenty of additional Sage 200cloud guides from our experts coming soon. If you have questions you’d like us to Ask our Experts about, please get in touch by sending us a message, or contact us on Twitter.

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