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Sage 200cloud Report Designer Tips

Posted on 20th April 2016 at 15:07

Gary Butler, software specialist at Cellular Solutions provides some tips on getting the most from report designer in Sage 200cloud.

Within Sage200, you have a powerful report designer tool that can add extra information onto existing reports or create new reports from scratch.  It may seem daunting but once you get started it will make sense.

Cosmetic updates

On opening a Sales Order Processing (SOP) Invoice (Single), I am taken in to the design screen. You may have numerous side panels, for now ignore them.  The important part is the main design window below:

And the top tool bar:

Now above on the main design window, it shows text boxes (the ones above show in Bold on this layout) and variables (codes that show different information depending on who you print for.)

Lets say we want to change the font of these bold text fields as an example:



We highlight the text field, then drop the font field down on the top tool bar.  By default, this layout is set to use Arial font, so I have changed it from Arial to Tahoma.  Once I click Tahoma I get the following:


It is asking you if you want to update all of the text fields of the same Group (on the dropdown to the left of the font) to use this font.  This is a quick way of updating multiple items at once.

Now once this has been done, you can preview your changes – important note – on layouts like invoices or statements, if you run a preview as-is, it will show all invoices (in this case).  If you know how to temporarily change the criteria displayed for a layout you can do this, otherwise a workaround is below.

To Preview, use the Paper and Magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the window:

The next form you get is a criteria form, the important bit is at the very bottom, it’s a prompt to display a small snapshot of pages.

I recommend putting a number like 20 in there, so it will show you a handful of pages.

Note it may take a moment or two to run.

It will then display your changes.

Click the close button at the top to go back.

All you do next is to save it!

More assistance and advice

In the meantime, if you’ve got questions for one our experts about Sage 200cloud or Sage 50cloud, send us a Tweet or send us a message. If you’d would like to know more about the finance software from Sage, please call 08700 118 000 or get in touch today.

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