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Sage 200cloud with Budgets

Posted on 01st September 2018 at 14:10

In this Ask The Expert column, Gary Butler, software specialist at Cellular Solutions, explores how to manage budgets on Sage 200cloud.

Budgeting is really important in business, so you’ll be pleased to know that Sage 200cloud can handle multiple budgets for multiple years.

Sage 200cloud can do budgets the following ways:

Another handy feature is that for the budgets you set, you can define an Original Budget – this way you can compare the original to what the budget turned out to be for the year.

I’ve added a couple of examples below on some of the different types of budget:

The annual budget is £1,955,555, this has split out to be £162,962.88, except for period 12 which has £162,962.92 due to the split of £1,955,555 not dividing fully into 12 equally.

On the left you can see the Original Budget, which you can compare to the actual budget, then to the balance.

With a Profiled budgets, within the settings you can determine a percentage of the budget total per period, as below, which totals 100%

This means when we set our type to be Profile 2 as above, it will divide the annual budget by the values per period as per below:

Whereas the monthly budget, you can free type the budget per period:

A new feature in more recent versions of Sage 200cloud is the option to create Combined Budgets. With this feature you can:

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