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How can Microsoft 365 help you work from home?

Posted on 28th May 2020 at 10:35

Microsoft 365 is the new name for Microsoft Office 365 – and it has a wealth of features which can help you work from home effectively and securely.

Available through Cellular Solutions, Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based solution, so you can access its capabilities anywhere there is an internet connection – and on any device too.

So, if you’re typing away on a laptop while lying on the sofa, working on your PC in the study, or you’re using a tablet or mobile while at the kitchen table, it can help you work faster and smarter.

Let’s look at the advantages of Microsoft 365 for home working in more detail…

Use Microsoft applications anywhere – keep connected, keep on schedule and keep collaborating! 

Microsoft 365 gives you Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint – essential tools in today’s business world. And with some Microsoft 365 packages, you can install Microsoft 365 on up to five devices, meaning you can access these applications wherever you need them.

If you have an office PC and also occasionally work at home on a laptop, or while commuting, Microsoft 365 will ensure that you have the tools on hand that you need.

You can even view and edit files on Windows Phones, iPhone®, and Android phones with Office mobile apps.

Microsoft 365 makes it easy for you to share files with your team, making collaboration on documents and projects much easier – a great advantage if your staff are all working from home.

In addition, you can safely and securely share your files inside and outside your organisation with Microsoft 365’s OneDrive. It’s also easy to keep track of activity history on files – and you can use SharePoint for managing and sharing files or folder within team sites or intranet sites, and across your business.


Worried about missing out on meetings or not seeing urgent requests? There’s no need to be…

Working from home can make you feel disconnected.

But Microsoft 365 can help to tackle that as it syncs emails, calendars, and contact information across your devices in real time, so it’s always up to date, no matter what device is at your fingertips.

If you need to schedule a meeting with colleagues or clients, it’s easy and stress free.

Concerned about losing touch with colleagues, or being unable to meet clients face to face? Microsoft Teams can help…

Microsoft 365 comes with Microsoft Teams – which allows you to chat, call, meet or collaborate from anywhere. You can keep in touch with colleagues easily with a chat messaging function, voice calls and video calls, and collaborate on projects by sharing screens.

If you need to present to a client or business partner, Microsoft Teams allows you to present easily using the share screen function and you’ll be able to see each other (if you want to!).

A staff meeting can be held via a group chat or video conference, and you can collaborate with colleagues or other partners outside your business by setting up individual ‘teams’, which enable you to share and comment on documents, keep correspondence in one place and keep your project on track.

There are many ways that Microsoft Teams can help with home working – view our Microsoft Teams guide here and find out more.


And there’s no need to worry about storage…

Microsoft 365 gives you access to 1TB of secure storage through OneDrive, so if you are working from home, you can avoid the hassle of logging on remotely to a company server, and don’t need to risk storing important files or sensitive company information on your devices.

If you’d like to find out more about how Microsoft 365 can help your business – and help you and your team to work more efficiently from home, contact us for more information here.

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