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How CRM Software works for small businesses

Posted on 04th December 2016 at 00:00

The utilisation of CRM software is something that’s often associated with larger businesses when they need more control over their sales processes, customer relationships and staff activity.

However, the team at Cellular Solutions believes that CRMS can be of benefit to companies of all sizes. Below, we’ve listed some ways CRMS can benefit small businesses, helping dispel myths and allowing you to make the most of this useful software.

They are scalable

It’s likely that you don’t envisage your business being the same size in three years as it is now – and your CRM doesn’t need to stay the same either. CRM software is fully-scalable, so you buy a size you need now and scale-up when needed. This means you’re never paying for space and functionality that you’re not using.

Learn to manage your sales pipeline

Any sales strategy, regardless of the size of the business, needs opportunities in the top of the funnel, discussions in progress and final sales wins. A CRM will give you an overview of where each record is in the process. This will allow you to identify any gaps in the pipeline and address them.

Never miss a sales opportunity

Throughout the sales process, you can set reminders to encourage follow-ups, call backs and meetings. This means that you never miss a chance to pursue a contact who might be interested. Sales opportunities are even more essential in smaller business, where your turnover is lower and each contract greatly contributes to the overall running of the business. Reminders and prompts also make all processes more efficient.

Inform your marketing strategy

The availability of more customer and sales data also means your marketing can improve. The better you know your customers, the easier it is to market and sell to them. Estimate what customers might be interested in by looking at past purchases, or see what marketing they’ve responded to, and you can better tailor what you send out. For smaller businesses with smaller marketing budgets, it’s even more essential to make every penny count.

To find out more about how CRM Software could benefit your business, check out our CRM Software page or get in touch with our team for more information.

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