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Attaching documents in Sage CRM

Posted on 24th November 2016 at 16:01

Attaching documents in Sage CRM ensures that customer records are kept up-to-date at all times, in addition to ensuring that all staff have access to the latest customer information.

There are four key features that are beneficial when attaching documents in Sage CRM. Information about each area and the steps to take when attaching documents in Sage CRM is detailed below.

Attaching documents in Sage CRM – Attaching multiple files to a customer record
Multiple files can be added to a customer record in one go. This functionality only works for users of Firefox and Chrome, users of Safari and Internet Explorer will have to upload documents one at a time.

  1. Open a customer record and select the Documents tab.
  2. Click Add File and select the files to add. More than one can be selected.
  3. The files are displayed on the record screen. If you would like to add a communication along with the documents, select the ‘Create communication and save merged document’ checkbox.
  4. Click Save and all files will automatically be added to the record.

Once uploaded, the documents can be accessed by clicking on the Attachments tab. If you chose to add a communication, this will show under the Company Communication tab.

Attaching documents in Sage CRM – Attaching documents to a tab
Documents can be attached to a tab and this functionality can be accessed through all browsers, however Safari and Internet Explorer users will need to upload files individually.

  1. Once in the customer record, select the Communications tab.
  2. Select New Task.
  3. Complete the subject box and select Add Attachment.
  4. Click Add File and select the relevant files.
  5. Click Save.

These files can then be found in the Attachments tab on the tab.

Attaching documents in Sage CRM – View attachments from a documents or communications list
Documents can be accessed from any screen that shows the view attachment paperclip icon. If more than one file is attached, a list will show and the correct document can be selected. Once clicked on, the document will open immediately.

Attaching documents in Sage CRM – Dragging and dropping documents
This functionality differs in each browser. In Internet Explorer this is referred to as Document Drop and in Chrome and Firefox this is named Drop Files Here.

  1. Reduce the size of the Sage CRM screen and drag the relevant files to the Document Drop or Drop Files Here area.
  2. The arrow will be highlighted once the files are over the drop zone.
  3. Click Save.

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